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An Antique Georgian Hollow Stem 'Excise' Wine Glass - English Circa 1750 (Code 8132)

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This antique glass dates to the reign of George II around 1750 making it early Georgian.  It is made in lead glass and is an English example, the glass is actually very bright for the period and of good quality. 

The bowl is of rounded funnel shape and is much larger than average for the period, and close to  goblet proportions.  The bowl is etched with a swagged 'OXO' band which was a popular design in the mid 18th century.  The foot is conical in form and quite shallow and the pontil is rough snapped as you would expect.  The glass is of three part construction.

This glass is unusual in having a hollow formed stem - the stem is actually formed as a hollow tube rather than having an air tear introduced.  These hollow stem glasses (often also referred to as an 'excise' glass) are considered by some researchers to be a reaction to the imposition of a tax on glass (by weight) introduced in 1745.  They conclude these glasses were an attempt to reduce the glass content and thus save money.  This glass is quite lightly constructed for the period and weighs in at 146 grams which is perhaps about 25-35% lighter than the average plain stem of similar capacity so there may be something in this theory.  That said these glasses are now very scarce so it is likely production was limited suggesting either that they were not very popular, or they didn't really end up making any great saving to the glass company.


The glass has minor wear with light scratches around the bowl but less than usual for the period.  There is a noticeable scratch to the topside of the foot.  There are minor mineral and air bubble inclusions but less than typically found for this period.  The bowl has a slight lean to one side from being slightly offset on the stem join.  The foot appears a little thin, however this would seem to be due to the overall lightness of construction and in keeping with the bowl.

Dimensions (approx)

Height 14.7 cms (5.75 inches)

Width 7.3 cms (2.8 inches) at rim  ~  7.7 cms (3 inches) at foot

Weight 146 grams (before packing).



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