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Safavid 17th Century Islamic Antique Tinned Copper Bowl with Shamshir Swordsman (Code 1825)

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A Middle Eastern 17th century Safavid tinned copper bowl. It has very detailed chased decoration of a period mounted swordsman with curved Shamshir sword held aloft. The person is depicted surrounded by animals and there is a further band of animals surrounding the central decoration. Progressing to the walls there are panels of characters and mythological anthropomorphic chimera perhaps relating to the Bundahišn, above these at the rim is another band of animals. The underside features a similar swordsman but with attendant this time along with the animals. Moving up there are further profuse works of animals and human characters this time in what would perhaps be considered a hunting scene, and above at the rim there are further animals and a small section of calligraphic Nasta’liq script.

The bowl itself is of conventional form and is of very heavy gauge copper which is typical for this period. It has been tinned to allow it to be used for food or water, some of the tin has of course now worn away and there is some verdigris patina as you can see in the images. A fine piece for the collector.


Very good for period, some patina and of course the tin has worn as would be expected. No significant knocks or dents and no wear through.

Measurements (Approx)

Height: 5.2 cm ( 2 inch )

Width: 6.5 cm ( 6 1/2 inch ) across rim

Weight: 692 grams (before packing)

Stock Code: 1825 SP19-1



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