Middle Eastern Metal Ware

Middle Eastern Metal Ware

This months sees a large group of Middle Eastern and Southeast Asian metal ware being added to our site.  The lead image is of a Qajar brass box with interesting chasing of characters.  Also now uploaded is a very attractive aftaba from the 19th century (see below).

antique indian aftaba

We have further items which we are still in the process of photographing and cataloguing, so keep an eye on our Newly Listed page to keep up to date with our latest items.

Continuing the SE Asian theme further items of Satsuma Ware have been added including a lovely and rare example by Taizan along with some much more affordable work by Bizan, Yuzan and Shizan.

If you have a collection of Satsuma ware you are wishing to sell do get in touch as we are currently purchasing new stock.

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