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Posted by Chris Elwell on

If you want to know which antiques are always in demand, then silver cases are a good place to start.  Gentlemens cases were popular up until WW2 after which they fell out of favour, but today they are increasingly sought after.  The most common cases were for cigarettes, cigars and card cases (for calling cards).  Today cigar cases, like this engraved example, are very sought after but other types are also popular, and if you want to really push out the boat look for castle top cases by Nathaniel Mills.  Today these cases are most often used for business cards or for display and they make great gifts.  There are so many designs you are bound to find a a near unique example as a gift, and this can also make collecting never ending fun.  Novelty increases prices as does quality decoration, inscriptions can hold back prices although interesting text and dates can sometimes do the opposite.

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